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Fritz Hansen, GRID, Luceplan/MODULAR, Erik Jørgensen, VOLA, Kvadrat and Montana has come together to develop a new design zone in Copenhagen as a permanent supplement to the city’s design fairs and exhibitions. 

Pakhus 48 frames seven permanent showrooms by Fritz Hansen, GRID, Luceplan/MODULAR, Erik Jørgensen, VOLA, Kvadrat and Montana. The warehouse is part of a new design zone in an extensive urban development project in the Copenhagen free port area, initiated by CPH City & Port Development. 

The old warehouse has been gently renovated and Luceplan was the first company to move into the building. Kvadrat, Montana, Erik Jørgensen and VOLA opened the doors to their respective showrooms in May 2009, while Fritz Hansen and GRID moved in during 2010 and 2011 respectively. All seven showrooms in Pakhus 48 have been individually decorated. 

Pakhus 48 comprises an area of 3,000 square metres and is fringed with a wide terrace from where the view of the harbour and the city can be enjoyed. 

Pakhus 48 is a dynamic focal point in a design zone that attracts Danish and international architects, customer and journalists, and offers an inspiring environment which is open for professional as well as private visitors. 

Opening hours 
Monday to Friday, 9am–4pm


Art & Architecture Day 

10 September 2015


Once again, we open the showrooms at Pakhus 48 for Art and Architecture Day with seven different lectures and exhibitions


Montana – Jesper Poulsen-Hansen, anthropologist and partner at Gemeinschaft, presents CITY, NOT-CITY, NOT-NOT-CITY, an introduction to street art as the edifying friction between architecture and urban life


Kvadrat – Experience ‘52 Weeks, 52 Cities’, an exhibition by the world renowed photographer Iwan Baan


VOLA – schmidt/hammer/lassen tells about the intriguing development of Aarhus Havn


Erik Jørgensen – Arkitekt Rune Boserup from COBE introduces Nordhavnen, now and in the future


Luceplan – Designer Daniel Rybakken gives a talk on ‘Daylight and Objects’


GRID – Architect Anette Bjerring Gammelgård from schmidt/hammer/lassen presents DOKK1, the largest public library in Scandinavia


Fritz Hansen – Meet the two gin-enthusiasts behind Spirit of Njord, a little distillery close to Randers fjord that produces gins with a significant taste intensity and a special character


Light refreshments in all the showrooms and music on the pier


Please remember to sign up for the event under 'Registration' before Monday 7 September


We look forward to welcome you to this inspiring evening at Pakhus 48!


3 Days of Design

May 2015


Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan came all the way to Copenhagen to give an inspiring presentation at Pakhus 48 about a week at his studio, Studio MK27.


3 Days of Design

May 2014


2014 was the year where 3 Days of Design expanded beyond the walls of Pakhus 48.

To celebrate the event, we invited Linda Taalman to give an inspiring presentation about sustainable architecture.


Christmas event

November 2013


Again this year, Santa Claus and Mrs Claus paid Pakhus 48 a visit to hand out goodie bags to the kids who attended our annual Christmas event with their parents. It was a fun day where everyone explored their creative talents.


Art and Architecture Day

August 2013


More than 600 guests found their way to Pakhus 48 for Art and Architecture Day, where we opened the doors to a variety of speeches and presentations about art and architecture. 


Three Days of Design

May 2013


This year, Odile Decq and Patricia Urquiola added some glamour for the annual party for Three Days of Design. As usual, the inspiring presentations were followed by refreshments in the showrooms and a nice atmosphere on the pier.


Christmas event

November 2012


Santa Claus and Mrs Claus made this day a festive treat for the many children who visited Pakhus 48 with their parents.



Architecture 1:100

August 2012


Pakhus 48 hosted a memorable event focused on architecture. This was attended by approximately 750 guests who were treated to interesting lectures, as well as architectural news which was displayed in all showrooms.


Three Days of Design

June 2012


For Three Days of Design 2012, Pakhus 48 offered a number of exciting attractions. For example, the Swedish architect Gert Wingård and the young Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken, talked about their famous works and designs.


Copenhagen Design Week

September 2011


More than 2000 guests visited Pakhus 48 during Copenhagen Design Week. A party at Pakhus 48 drew a huge crowd, thanks to the Danish Design Centre and Inex Award who shuttled their guests by boat across from the new Opera House.


Three Days of Design

May 2011


Designer Inga Sempé and architect David Adjaye gave insightful lectures during this year's Three Days of Design event, which also featured inspiring workshops and product presentations.


Spring event

May 2010


For this occasion, two acclaimed speakers - designer Alfredo Häberli and architect and partner from Snøhetta, Ole Gustavsen - gave memorable lectures. These were followed by open lounges with drinks and mingling in the showrooms of Pakhus 48.



August 2009


A party in Pakhus 48 to celebrate the first Copenhagen Design Fair, CODE 09.


Pre-opening of Pakhus 48

May 2008


Three days of events in the raw and not yet renovated facilities provided the spark for the showroom collaborations at Pakhus 48.

Designed by Monica Förster
Erik Jørgensen


The internationally renowned Swedish designer Monica Förster has joined forces with Erik Jørgensen to create Savannah - a sofa of uncompromising quality hand-constructed in choice natural materials at Erik Jørgensen’s furniture factory in Svendborg, Denmark. Savannah comprises a wooden structure wrapped with heavy saddleback leather, creating a beautiful framework for the sofa. In the corners, the wooden structure peeks through, revealing the superb craftsmanship that characterises Savannah.


Savannah is a high-backed sofa with excellent sitting comfort. It has inviting, hand-sewn seat cushions that you sink into, ensuring additional comfort for the back.


The sofa is the ultimate combination of Erik Jørgensen’s more than 60 years of proud handcrafted traditions and Monica Förster’s international vision.



Nanimarquina for Erik Jørgensen
Designed by Nanimarquina
Erik Jørgensen


Erik Jørgensen presents a collection of beautiful, handmade rugs in collaboration with the award-winning and Barcelona based Nanimarquina. In 2015 Nanimarquina received the prestigious design award ‘ELLE DECO International Design Awards’ (EDIDA) for the Rabari rug.


The collaboration of Erik Joergensen and Nanimarquina is based on creativity, quality, craftmanship and the use of exclusive materials. At the same time we share a passion for natural materials and a desire for innovative collaborations with interesting, international designers. We want to contribute to making it possible for the consumers to decorate their homes with challenging design and long-lasting quality.



Designed by EJ Designteam
Erik Jørgensen


Erik Jørgensen is introducing Spring - a new modular sofa with multiple combinations of sections. Spring has a high comfort due to the bouncing mattress and long soft comfortable seat cushions.


In addition Spring comes with pillows in different sizes. A sofa for pleasant seating and lounging. For the sofa we have put together an exciting “Mix & Match” fabric collection.



The new Round Series hand shower
Designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne


Perfectly echoing the VOLA Round-head shower 060, we present the latest additions to our exclusive shower range: the Round Series hand shower, T60 and shower rail T65. Both products effortlessly continue the aesthetically pleasing forms and materials of the innovative Round-head shower.


The timeless and elegant simplicity of the Round-head shower has already won awards from international industry bodies.
Selected by many renowned architects, it is being enjoyed in luxury private bathrooms and hotel suites the world over.


Now, in combination with the new Round Series hand shower and shower rail, it will provide
ultimate VOLA design coherence and functional excellence to our most discerning customers – whether for their own contemporary homes or as key elements of an architectural concept.


May 2015

The new Kneipp Hose and Waterfall Shower
Designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne


The luxury private bathroom, hotel spa or sauna should be an oasis of tranquillity. An escape from worldly matters. A place to rejuvenate the body, and allow the mind to empty and the soul to meditate.


Into this environment of total relaxation and wellbeing, VOLA has introduced two new therapeutic products: the Kneipp Hose 070W and the Waterfall Shower 080W.

Both reflect the continuity of VOLA classic designs. Both illustrate the innovation for which VOLA is sought after by leading architects and designers across the globe.


The Kneipp Hose and Waterfall Shower are designed for use as part of a holistic sauna experience. Both provide soothing flows of cold water to calm the mind and awaken the body.


May 2015

Soleil Noir
Designed by Odile Decq
Luceplan / MODULAR


Technological and futuristic, Soleil Noir is a suspension and ceiling lamp with an organic form in molded polyurethane foam, whose LED light source is hidden inside a disk that generates homogeneous diffused, indirect lighting.


Supported by a single asymmetrical cable, it keeps its balance thanks to the thicknesses of the body, functioning as a slim, aerial lighting element that conveys brightness with discretion and elegance. It is equipped with an avant-garde optical system to guarantee uniform light flow on the diffuser.


An object that defies the laws of physics, thanks to technology that permits a design bordering on the


April 2015

Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz
Luceplan / MODULAR


Mesh is a suspension lamp offering multiple lighting scenarios for personalised aesthetic and functional performance. The lightweight, almost transparent structure dematerialises it to leave space only for light, the true protagonist of the lamp. A poetic creation of great impact that makes it possible to generate a refined, evocative atmosphere.


The particular structure of the lamp permits exceptional freedom in the control of its luminance: the intensity can be adjusted, and it is possible to choose which sectors to illuminate.


Available in two different sizes, thanks to its versatility it is perfect for both the
home and contract markets.


April 2015

Designed by Daniel Rybakken
Luceplan / MODULAR


Stochastic is a suspension lamp with an evocative character, which thanks to the dematerialization of the support elements and the volumetric breakdown takes on a theatrical, poetic character: not just functional quality, but also aesthetic and decorative refinement.


Composed of glass spheres at different heights, the lamp permits infinite combinations, in a sort of “controlled freedom” where each sphere is connected to steel rods of different lengths.


A game of imagination whose light source – a double high-efficiency LED module – is enclosed inside the spheres, generating warm, diffused indirect lighting, aimed both upward and downward.


April 2015

Tonus Meadow
Colour design by Nina Koppel


Tonus Meadow is an evolution of the classic Tonus fabric, which was created by textile artist Nina Koppel in the 1960’s. It is characterised by its two different expressions and intriguing colour richness.
Woven from an elastic combination of 90% wool and 10% Helanca, the textile is ideal for organic furniture.


Based on Nina Koppel’s original colour archive, the colour scale for Tonus Meadow combines neutral, natural tones, such as grey, with bright highlight colours like deep red. These nuances are coordinated with the Tonus palette and consequently the textiles complement each other well.


April 2015

Tonus 4
Designed by Nina Koppel


Tonus 4 is a colour update of Tonus. Ideal for modern organic furniture and characterised by rare colour richness, it comes in a total of 47 hues, of which 19 are new.
Now recognised as a classic textile, Tonus brings colours to life in vibrant, precise fashion. Building on this characteristic, the intensity and brightness of all the colours have been increased.


The new earthy, golden tones in the palette are taken from Nina Koppel’s original colour archive. They show her brilliant sense of colour, which reflects that she mastered all facets of the colour design.


April 2015

Designed by Inga Sempé
Luceplan / MONDULAR


Cappuccina is a fixture composed of a slender metal base and a spherical luminous body in opaline glass, containing an LED module, on which the fabric shade simply rests, without attachment: this configuration makes it possible to move the shade and orient the light to meet different needs.


The decoration of the fabric represents a design in the design. Very close in the upper part of the shade, the pattern gradually spreads downward, creating a delicate shading.


Cappuccina is ideal for the contract sector, thanks to the possibility of customizing the fabrics, and an accessory that blocks the shade.


April 2015

Designed by Louise Sigvardt


Made from recycled polyester, Ace is an opaque curtain with a sustainable footprint. The textile is the result of Louise Sigvardt’s expertise in colours, patterns and fashion design fused with a technologically advanced material.


Ace’s graphic pattern of tiny squares that is reminiscent of sports clothing pays homage to its technological origin. Yet, the curtain’s heavy, almost sculptural folds call associations with the classic velvet curtain. The colour palette of deep, bold and surprising hues underline these playfully contrasting expressions.


Ace works well in a variety of different interiors. Thanks to its flame resistance, Ace is particularly suitable for contract environments.


April 2015

Umami 1, 2 and 3
Designed by Louise Sigvardt


Umami is a durable upholstery fabric, which comes in three vibrant yet calm expressions.
Named after the fifth primary taste, all the versions of Umami are made from wool. Each is constructed with a different weaving method and, as result, has a distinctive surface structure.


Umami offers many combination opportunities, as its three expressions combine multiple colours in each colour setting. While the colourways for Umami are understated, some feature bold, contrasting tones.
These can be emphasised by using complementary colours in the same room.


Umami is hardwearing and consequently, it is well-suited to contract use.


April 2015

Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz
Luceplan / MODULAR


Tango is an innovative floor lamp for indirect lighting that transfigures the harmonious, sensual movements of the dance.
Mounted on a triangular steel base, the jointed structure of the lamp nimbly lends itself to a fluid mechanical torsion movement generated at the height of the middle part of the shafts.


A simple gesture makes it possible to adjust the direction of the beam. The movement is propagated up to the top of the lamp, setting its angle and making it possible to direct the light where it is needed.


January 2015

Sparkling and Drizzle
Designed by Aggebo & Henriksen


Sparkling and Drizzle are two vibrantly patterned curtains, that explore how curtains can create atmosphere in a room and complement each other in order to achieve varied expressions.


The pattern starts as a unicolour at the bottom of the curtain. As it moves upwards, it melts into a lively play of organic shapes, which steadily taper away into the white base fabric. While Sparkling is densely woven, Drizzle is transparent and expresses colours in a more dissolved way.


Sparkling and Drizzle mix three colours in every colourway. Some combinations have a graphic look; others are more floral.


January 2015

Designed by Daniel Rybakken
Luceplan / MODULAR


The Compendium lamps stands out for the evocative graphic-sculptural impact of their slim silhouette.


The vertical body of the lamp is grafted onto a truncated conical base and extends with an initial cylindrical-section segment that gives way to a long terminal profile in extruded aluminium with a flanged section in which the LED circuits are positioned, thus making it possible to screen the light emission generated by the high-efficiency sources.
The body freely rotates on the base for an easy orientation of the indirect light.


The Compendium lamps are available in black, brass and aluminium. 


January 2015

Designed by Åsa Pärson


Rime is a woollen upholstery fabric, which has a melange-like look when viewed from a distance. It is named to reflect the harmony of the two unicolours used in each of its colourways.


Rime is constructed with a satin weave. This gives it a tight, smooth and lustrous structure. Each of Rime’s colourways combines a clear tone with a shade. The palette for Rime comprises natural and earthy hues, as well as a few highlight colours. Due to the variety of its colourways Rime is very versatile. It is particularly well suited to offices and soft contract usage.


January 2015

Designed by Aggebo & Henriksen


Precise Drill features a vertical pattern of laser-cut holes that travels along its selvedge. Reminiscent of the holes made in paper by a hole-puncher, these create a poetic play of light and shadows. With its vertical pattern, it creates a rhythm and variation in a very simple, modern way.


Drill has a rough selvedge that creates an intriguingcontrast to the clean-cut holes. Alternatively, it is possible to lasercut the selvedge in order to achieve a more precise look.


January 2015

Revive 1+2

Designed by Georgina Wright



Revive 1+2 are vibrant upholstery textiles designed by Georgina Wright, inspired by the textures, colours and materials of harbours and fishing boats. Both are made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) and are especially created with a focus to reduce the environmental impact in production and the use of natural resources.


Georgina Wright: “We are all concerned about sustainability. So the thought that a recycled object can become a new textile on a chair is hugely satisfying for a designer.”


Due to their durability and added flammability resistance, Revive 1+2 are particularly suitable for contract environments.


October 2014

Clara 2

Designed by Anne Birgitte Hansen



Clara 2 is a colour update of Clara, a woollen upholstery fabric designed by Anne Birgitte Hansen.

Clara 2 is available in twelve sets of reverse colourways. One version is unicoloured and interwoven with mélange stitching, while the other is with unicolour stitching on a melange background.


The melange yarns add depth to the look of Clara and combine to vibrant effect with the unicolour yarns. The fabric, which changes appearance according to the position of the viewer, projects a strong sense of volume and richness.


Clara 2 is suitable for both contract and private use.


October 2014

Knit collection 2014

Designed by Alfredo Häberli



The Alfredo Häberli knit collection comprises three vibrant knitted upholstery textiles. Thanks to their knitted construction, Nebula, Nadir and Galaxy offer good stretchability, which makes them ideal for organically shaped furniture. The colourways for Nebula, Nadir and Galaxy combine contrasting and tone-on-tone hues, which range from bright to earthy.


Alfredo Häberli: “All the designs are very different but are nevertheless interrelated due to their specific colouring. The colour design of this collection was extremely fun!”


September 2014

Welcome to GUEST!

Designed by Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard



Montana GUEST is a comfortable chair and a flexible seat. It is here when you need it - back in your Montana shelving unit when you don’t.


“Kasper and Thomas re-think the extra seat and not least the storage of the guest chair, the folding chair, the stool, the piano chair, the children’s chair in the living room, the chair for the dorm room, and the informal conference chair.” says Joakim Lassen, Montana.


GUEST is ready to use in a few seconds – with one single grip the legs unfold, then mount the seat and a comfortable chair is ready to use. GUEST measures 28 cm x 28 cm x 9.5 cm when packed up.  In use the GUEST chair has a seat height of 48 cm. The seat upholstery is available in seven colours.


May 2014

Max Knit

Designed by Maxjenny Forslund



Max Knit is a tactile knitted upholstery fabric.The construction involves knitting together two thick polyester FR yarns and a thin polyester yarn.


Although only matt yarns are used in the construction of Max Knit, the combination of the different colours and yarns creates a vibrant play across the surface of the fabric.  

Maxjenny Forslund drew on her ‘gut instinct’ when creating the colours for Max Knit. The fresh, versatile colourways for Max Knitshowcase her adventurous approach to colour design.


Max Knit combines excellent stretchability and durability. Consequently, it is well suited to contract use and is particularly ideal for organically shaped furniture, as well as soft seating.


May 2014

Blue Hour

Designed by Maxjenny Forslund



Blue Hour is a flat, unicoloured curtain, which particularly stands out for its distinctive simplicity. Closely-woven yet slightly translucent, it has a defined, almost sculptural effect when draped.


The yarns used in the construction of Blue Hourare slightly shiny. As a result, the curtain has a ‘hi-tech’ look and changes appearance according to the light and the position of the viewer. Its fine, subtle structure emerges when it is seen from close-up.


Blue Hour is a versatile curtain that works well in a wide range of environments. Thanks to its fire-retardancy, it is very well-suited to contract applications.


May 2014

The Drop™ - Sleeping beauty

Designed by Arne Jacobsen

Republic of Fritz Hansen


After more than 50 years in hibernation, the Drop is now relaunched! The chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 as part of his masterpiece, the legendary Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.


The Drop was originally produced along with the Swan and the Egg but in a very limited number exclusively for the hotel, which ensured its status as an iconic collector’s item. Thanks to new production methods the Drop is now available in updated materials that are relevant for modern interiors as well as in fabric and leather upholstery that stays true to the original design. Despite the affordable price, the Drop remains exclusive, regardless which material you choose.


April 2014

Analog™- Unplugged relations

Designed by Jaime Hayon

Republic of Fritz Hansen


The table is celebrating the authentic way of connecting with people around a table by bringing us closer. The world is filled with communication through digital devices. Analog provides a space where no device is needed. The table promotes a return to the genuine togetherness that is a stark contrast to the digital life we face with demands of constant on-line presence. Analog gives you an invitation to engage, to share, to be intimate and present - to be off-line.


Analog is not a square, not a circle, not an oval – it is a new form that takes the best from the three classic shapes and brings them together in a new, organic form. There is no hierarchy, just a beautiful platform for conversations which is a perfect match for modern relationships among family members, friends and colleagues.


April 2014


Luceplan / MODULAR


Spotlights are extremely practical and economically beneficial for both projects and private homes. In 2012, Modular launched the Smart family, an intelligent family with sophisticated technology in a Modular design wrapper as its greatest asset. The shallow recess depth and wide range of accessories really make Smart hit the mark. With Smart, you first choose the basic spotlight and then add the right accessory. This gives your lighting the perfect look in any room.


Modular is expanding this family to include even more options: more rigorous spotlights, directionality, new surfacemounting options, an IP version for bathrooms and the option to play with the trendy colour of the moment: gold.


April 2014


Designed by Bleijh

Luceplan / MONDULAR


Médard has quite a personality. Its lamphouse is a rounded cylinder balancing on a sleek set of organic feet. The soft shapes give this lamp an extremely cuddly look. The random nature of the feet also ensures a jovial touch.


Médard’s tiltable lamphouse and easily portable nature allow you to place any object of your choice in the spotlight. Médard is not just a table lamp, there is also a track-mounted version and a suspended version to add the perfect finishing touch above your table. In addition, a surface-mounted version for the wall or ceiling is available. The table lamp has a retrofit LED lamp and the spotlights are also supplied with an LED module. Use this fixture to provide functional lighting for common tasks or create the perfect atmosphere when it’s time to relax.


April 2014


Designed by Couvreur & Devos

Luceplan / MODULAR


Rektor, the directional surface-mounted spotlight by Modular, will guide the way around your home. Rektor is a surprising fixture, as it is highly directional despite the super-sleek housing. This makes it a perfect example of accent lighting. Its extensive directionality and metal colour accent on the housing make it a genuine must-have. Rektor is also handy for highlighting a wall or specific object.


The unique feature of Rektor is that all the technical workings are concealed within the fixture. The innovative tilting technology allows you to rotate the lamphouse through 360°, as well as adjusting it upwards or downwards through 90°. All without a single wire being visible.


April 2014

Knit upholstery collection 2014

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec



Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have crafted a knitted upholstery collection for Kvadrat: Canal,Gravel and Moraine.

While distinctively individual, the designs share certain characteristics and colours. Each has a three-dimensional expression and features an interlocking pattern.


The designs are constructed using a double jersey knit. The knitted structures open new upholstering horizons thanks to their stretch characteristics and padded surfaces.


The front layer of the textiles is made from fine melange wool and polyester yarns with dark and light fibres to ensure that they have a sensuous touch and feature a rich play of colour nuances.


Canal, Gravel and Moraine are ideal for organically shaped furniture, suitable for both retail and soft contract use.


April 2014

The new colours of Costanza

Designed by Paolo Rizzatto



The new colour scheme for Costanza, Luceplan's first big hit, is developed by Paolo Rizzatto with Studiopepe and divided into two families of colours for the shade.


The first range is Radieuse: decisive, dynamic colours that add contemporary flair to the pure tones of the first Costanza models. The original hues have been adjusted by slight tonal subtractions, making them more ductile and vibrant.


A new, contrasting proposal is seen in the Mezzo Tono collection: a sort, painterly range of pastel shades that remind us of the paintings of Morandi, misty landscapes, soft skins.


The new colour collections enhance the identity of a timeless icon, interpreting all the nuances of contemporary space.


January 2014


Designed by Giulio Ridolfo



Land is a refined woollen upholstery textile, which offers exceptional colour richness. Featuring a plain, minimalistic and soft weave, Land is constructed from material dyed yarns. It appears unicoloured from a distance but, seen from closer up, reveals a radiant play of colour nuances.


While Land shares characteristics with Remix and Canvas, it is distinctively individual. Due to its more ‘open’ structure, which highlights the colour contrast between the yarns, Land has a more precise, less melange look.


Durable and versatile, Land is suitable for private and public spaces. Land has been awarded the EU Ecolabel and is appropriate for those looking for a textile with a reduced environmental impact.


January 2014

Noon, Daybreak, Frost and Haze

Designed by Patricia Urquiola and Alfredo Häberli



The curtain collection consists of four unicoloured curtains. Whilst all the curtains are made from the same material, each has a unique structure and creates a distinctively individual atmosphere.


Soft and transparent, Noon features subtle stripes while Daybreak has an open structure and tactile irregularities that play across its surface. Transparent Frost has a shiny, crisp expression and Haze is closely woven and translucent with small irregularities in its yarn, it is reminiscent of cotton or wool.


All the curtains are designed for mixing and matching.


October 2013

Otto Watt

Designed by Alberto Meda / Paolo Rizzatto



A perfect desktop companion, Otto Watt provides a tunable white-light LeD light source.


This year the product has been issued in new versions: a wall lamp (with one or two arms), a floor lamp, a clamp-on model and a white finishing.


The user can adjust the color temperature from warm to cold white by rotating the diffuser.


April 2013


Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz



An innovative lighting concept that combines functional quality with beauty, at the service of human beings and their spaces.


Synapse is a luminous ‘cell’ with a trilobate form, composed of two polycarbonate shells that contain a printed circuit and three variable-color RGB LeDs.


The modules are connected together very quickly, thanks to a simple mechanical joint that also allows electrical current to pass from one element to the next. The result is a self-supporting surface, free of structures, that can be hung vertically thanks to a suspension kit, or applied to the wall or ceiling.


April 2013


Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz / Paolo Rizzatto



A new large ceiling version to complete the hope family.


The large size provides the visual impact of a chandelier, even in spaces of limited height.


April 2013

Coda 2

Designed by Norway Says and Per Bjørnsen



Coda 2 is a colour update of Coda, a tactile upholstery textile, which has a distinctive three-dimensional expression. The fabric combines a graphic, textured surface and sophisticated colours to very lively effect. The texture interacts with furniture, which causes the look of the fabric to keep changing as it turns, bends and folds.


Made from wool, Coda is woven in two layers, with each in a different colour. This distinctive construction accentuates the three-dimensional character of the fabric and the rhythmic pattern of its bold texture. Coda’s new colour scale is more toned down, soft and versatile.


May 2013

Chicago 2

Designed by Helene Vonsild



Chicago 2 is a colour update of Chicago, an upholstery textile with a dynamic, three-dimensional expression. Designed to create a new type of interaction with furniture, it is a plissé textile with a ribbed surface. Made from wool, it features a distinctive interplay of colours, which is created by different coloured stripes in complementary yet contrasting colours.


Chicago 2 reveals new nuances as the perspective of the viewer, or the light, changes and in certain circumstances, the textile can take on a metallic lustre. The updated colour-scale is more toned down and has been designed for mixing and matching.


Versatile Chicago 2 is suitable for private homes and a number of commercial applications. It is ideal for those looking to appreciate furniture in a new light.


May 2013


Designed by Helene Vonsild



Tokyo is an upholstery fabric designed by Helene Vonsild. It has a simple, dusty expression and features a tactile wavelike structure.  The irregular, rhythmic play of parallel ribbed lines across the surface of the textile is calm yet dynamic.


The hues are inspired by the Japanese capital, as well as the country’s nature. The textile’s colour scale is refined and distinctive.

Thanks to its neutral colour range Tokyo works well with a wide assortment of styles and designs in contract applications, as well as private homes.


May 2013

Re-launching the Bachelor chair

Designed by Verner Panton



Verner Panton’s iconic chair consists of five tubes and a stretching seat in acrylic fabric or linen canvas. The chair may be taken apart without using tools and is flat-packed. Verner Panton designed the chair at the age of 27 – a young man on the move who needed a light, portable and also comfortable chair. He united these qualities brilliantly in the Bachelor chair which is as modern today as it was in 1955.


The Bachelor chair is for both indoor and outdoor use. The chair may be provided with a seat cushion and a matching foot stool and table are available in the same design as the chair.


April 2013


Designed by Daniel Rybakken



Ascent is an object of striking poetic content, halfway between emotion and reason. The fundamental novelty lies in the unusual gesture made to turn on the lamp, adjust its intensity or turn it off. The small shade slides along the slender stem with a fluid and continuous motion, dimming the light output by moving the head up and down. A magical object due to the innovation of the gesture and the immediacy of the technical lighting effect achieved.


Ascent inverts the proportions between the shade and the body of the lamp, reinventing the table lamp archetype. Ascent comes in two versions, with an anchor bolt for tables, or with a base.

Patricia Urquiola Curtain and Upholstery



Patricia Urquiola has created her first collection for Kvadrat where abstract designs combine sophisticated colours, tactility and a strong sense of depth and volume.


Grid 1+2, Matrix and Memory all feature a ‘digital’ look and come in complementary colours. Grid 1+2 and Memory are upholstery textiles while Matrix can be used both as an upholstery fabric, as well as a curtain. The curtains Drops and Winding, are characterised by their airiness. Both feature coloured stripes, which stand out on top of a transparent background.


Thanks to their individuality and lively expressions, the textiles in the Urquiola collection are ideal for hospitality venues and private homes.


April 2013

Induplo High

Designed by Ernst & Jensen

Erik Jørgensen


Ernst and Jensen’s award-winning sofa series InDuplo has been expanded with a new version with side panels: InDuplo High. The armrests enhance InDuplo High’s classic sofa expression and highlight the series’ reinterpreted retro-aesthetic. An aesthetic that flirts with the past but defines the present as part of the future.


Both the High & Low version has a dynamic arm profile and easy straight facades. The legs in lacquered aluminium are like spanning bridges under an organic body. InDublo appeals to both contract and domestic applications, whether in waiting areas, lounges or halls, or simply a sofa for the office or living room. InDuplo’s versatile features bring new life to the interior.


060 Round Shower

Designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne



This is not the first shower to be designed and manufactured by VOLA. It is the first ever round-head shower. That’s what makes it special. It is a natural extension of the VOLA range. And it means a luxury bathroom can now be totally VOLA, combining chosen elements from the award-winning Round Series. It clearly belongs to the VOLA range. At VOLA we believe in continuity. The unique products all take their proportions from the classic Arne Jacobsen tap specially designed for VOLA more than 40 years ago. That’s why they work together so naturally. The Round Shower is effortlessly elegant.


Like all VOLA products, it keeps its technical parts subtly hidden from view.


Designed by Monica Armani



Quality of light is combined with acoustic comfort and the beauty of Kvadrat fabrics in the new family of suspension lamps and luminous panels.


The new Silenzio family of suspension and wall lamps that behave like upholstered furnishings and, if required, can be customized with a wide range of fabrics. Besides developing performance for acoustic comfort, these lamps decorate spaces, personalizing them, becoming their protagonists and setting the mood.


For the offering in the catalogue, the Kvadrat textile, Remix 2 designed by Giulio Ridolfo has been selected. It has a “grisaille” look, and a texture with a materic, elegant hand.


Designed by Herzon & de Meuron



Basel is a subtle and sophisticated woollen upholstery textile, designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Basel comes in five different patterns which are characterised by unique, fine structures created with simple bindings. It offers a wide variety of expressions and the patterns combine very well, projecting a strong sense of tactility and complexity.


Thanks to the versatility Basel offers, it is suitable for a wide range of contexts, from offices and concert halls to hotels and private homes. It offers high content of renewable fibres and is therefore suitable for those looking for a textile with a reduced environmental impact.


April 2013

Ro™ - The New Comort Zone

Designed by Jaime Hayon

Republic of Fritz Hansen


The world-renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has worked together with Republic of Fritz HansenTM to create today's answar to tomorrow's easy chair. A chair where you can find room for your inner space and take a break from hectic bustle of everyday life.


April 2013


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